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Account Consulting

We handle the financial aspects of your current merchant account for you. We make the initial call, multiple renegotiations, and monthly monitoring to make sure that your merchant processor honors your new rates. We send out a monthly detailed and easy-to-read report of your savings so that our results are made completely transparent.


Merchant Processing Consulting / PCI & Chargeback Consulting

Are you thinking about accepting credit cards for the first time? Do you want consulting from someone who doesn’t have to sell you anything? Get an unbiased comprehensive picture of what is involved in setting up a new merchant account. If it is not the right decision for your business we will tell you so. How many processing companies can make that claim? We will also do proposal and contract reviews or sit in during presentations by different merchant processing representatives.

For current merchants we make sure that the equipment is functioning correctly and you, as the business owner, doe not find yourself liable for thousands of dollars in PCI violations. Many businesses that do not have the card present to swipe for every transaction process high risk transactions and may get a rate increase if they do not comply with important regulations including payment authorization, contract agreement, and specific card information.


High Risk Placement

If your business can’t get approved for merchant processing due to the nature of the industry, below average credit score, personal finances, (bankruptcy, foreclosure, tax liens, etc.) or if you are on the TMF Match List due to owing a merchant processor money you are considered high-risk. At Palm Beach Merchant Services we can link you with the correct resource given your situation. If you are not sure if you are high-risk, we can send you a comprehensive list that will answer your questions.


ACH Processing

Does your business provide a monthly membership, service, or product? Do you or your staff waste hours upon end sending out invoices, waiting for checks to arrive, and tracking payment? Does your business have trouble collecting payment? Are you used to customers neglecting to pay their bill? If so, you can get authorized to debit your customers’ account instead of hoping that they pay you. We have partnered up with a great ACH processor who can set up a virtual one-click system for custom or recurring billing from personal and business checking accounts.