Why Should I Hire You Instead Of Switching Processors?

As a business owner it is certainly your right to switch to a new processor. At Palm Beach Merchant services our goal is to help you lower your cost of credit card processing without breaking your contract, hours of downloading software onto your machine, buying new equipment, or gambling that you aren’t losing any quality of customer service with a new processor. If all of that is of no consequence then you are welcome to switch, in fact give us a call and we’ll link you with a very competitive program.

Why Should I Hire You Instead Of Calling To Get My Fees Lowered By Myself?

We would never discourage anyone from trying to lower their own processing fees as long as they feel they are qualified to do so. Can you name all of the 155+ rates of interchange? What is the difference between qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified? Would you rather have a 5 tier or cost plus system? Our extensive knowledge of the credit card processing industry allows us to implement the most cost-effective program for your business.

How much does your account consulting cost?

The cost is relative to the merchant account. We charge a nominal one-time processing fee, which covers the initial consultation and file building. After that we split the monthly savings down the middle with you and have a $1 statement fee to cover the cost of your detailed report for the month. So if we saved a gross of $100 you would have saved a net total of $49 ($100-$50-$1).

How do you calculate my savings?

We do not do any fancy calculations or rate formulas. We use the net effective rate. The net effective rate is the total cost of the normal monthly rates and fees (excluding any one-time or annual fee that throws off the cost) as compared to the total monthly volume. For the sake of round numbers, let’s use a $10,000 as an example of a merchant’s monthly processing. If the monthly fees are $350, then the net effective rate is 3.50%. Let’s assume we get the fees down to $275 with no change in monthly processing. The net effective rate is now 2.75%.

How long does it take for my rates and fees to actually go down?

We do a series of negotiations that usually takes anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the response time of your merchant processor. We make no guarantees about the following month’s statement as often the merchant has processed transactions for the month and that will throw off of the net effective rate. Most results will be seen in the second statements following the initial consultation.

I don’t want to pay monthly, can’t I just hire Palm Beach Merchant Services to do an initial analysis and fix my problem once and for all?

You are welcome to hire us for a one-time shot to lower your rates and fees. We cannot make any claims or guarantees as to the savings because or normal program consists of several rate negotiations and the monthly monitoring. For all you know your merchant processor may lower the cost for the month that we handle your account and soon after your rates and fees may go back up as soon as they don’t have to deal with our monitoring.

I am thinking of accepting credit cards/changing processors. Why should I hire you to review my merchant proposal/agreement instead of a lawyer?

We do not make any claims to be lawyers and would never give legal advice since we never graduated from law school. We will not comment on personal and corporate liability. However, most lawyers know nothing about how merchants should be set up, which rates are appropriate, and if the merchant should be processing credit cards in the first place. Our consultation fee is a fraction of the cost of what a lawyer would charge and if we can spot enough errors or deception on the merchant proposal/agreement you shouldn’t be signing anyway. If after we approve the rate structure and merchant program you have questions about personal and corporate liability we would strongly advise that you visit a lawyer.

Alright, I am convinced. How can I start saving money?

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business.